March 31, 2010

Double Feature Critiques

It's critique day!  There are two sellers who have offered their items up for critique this time.  As I stated in the previous blog there will now be two sellers per critique post so please feel free to comment on BOTH items. 

You might want to check out this previous posting for guidance in your critique :

Julie of Sensenarts has offered this lovely Original art textile quilted work

She would like guidance on promoting the item, her photography and let's check out her description and tags too.  She does offer Tarot readings so if you feel so inclined a look at her readings items would be appreciated too.

Tati of Tatimaia is new to Etsy and has been in the Virtual Labs quite often.  I have selected one of her "featured" listings to share.  Let's give her our best overall advice! 

Please remember to be courteous with your advice.... your item could be posted here too one day soon!

In about 10 days the comments will be addressed and you can come back to see how your critique effected these sellers' item listings! 

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Julie: Can you find a way to show the dimension of this gorgeous quilted item? Maybe set it near a lamp or something where the size is recognizeable? The pictures are all so clear but you need perspective.

  2. Tati: Can you add something in your description suggesting where this wonderful painting might hang? Who might appreciate and want to own this? The pics are well set and clear!

  3. First of all, thank you very much, Karen!
    And, I am taking note of your critique. My first one! XD

    Well, I think it's my turn...
    Julie: I agree with Karen about the pics of your item. Honestly, there's something I'm not liking. Actually there're too much light... It seems that you put a lamp to light it. I think you should take pics using the natural morning light.
    Oh, and use a cleaner background. That wood is very dark.

    Hugs everyone!

  4. Julie - I opened your listing a bit over 5 minutes ago, and am just now recovering from the sheer awe I experienced when looking at this lovely little piece! It is ABSOLUTELY amazing!!! I agree with Aunt Karen that a perspective item in a photo is a good/great idea, even if it's something simple like a ruler. I just can't get over the detail you've incorporated in 6.5 x 9.5 INCHES!!!

    I think calling this a 'quilt' in the title is misleading. I think most people searching for a quilt are looking for something way bigger than this. Is this perhaps a 'Quilted Tapestry Art Featuring Tulips - Original Design,' or something else even more descriptive? Is this one-of-a-kind? If it is, that might be good to list in the title, too.

    I love your description! It gave me the whole creation process of the piece.

    Tags - I posted to the Business Forums on Etsy, asking if one-of-a-kind was a good tag. One of the responders indicated that between its acronym (OOAK) and the spelled out words, there are over 500,000 searches per month on Google! If this qualifies, you might want to include that as a tag. How about adding 'hand beaded' too.

    Again, this is such a gorgeous piece. The ultimate purchaser will be thrilled with it for sure!

  5. Tati - Welcome to the wonderful world of internet-selling and Etsy! What a cute painting!

    Maybe it's just me... Your first picture... I thought that the green polka-dot background was part of the painting! The color matches the piece so well that I didn't realize it was the background until I saw the third picture where there is a seam behind the painting. Did you do too good of a job picking your background color?

    I am a grammar nerd, so please forgive me. "Entitled" would be a better word choice than "called" (My Balloon). The next sentence should just include the measurements. The third sentence should indicate that the sides of the piece are painted white and the entire pieces is protected with a matte varnish. Then, this piece is ready to hang and just perfect for a child's bedroom!

    For your fifth picture, you could photograph this from the back so that we can see what's there that makes it 'ready to hang.'

    I think you did a wonderful job with your tags!

    You have such a nice touch, Tati, and a unique perspective! Thanks to Aunt Karen for giving us all an opportunity to appreciate your work!

  6. Oh my goodness! Such wonderful critiques, so early in the morning! (its 7.30am) Karen - I will take another photo to show it's size. Tati - the photo's were taken with afternoon light. The morning light here in West Australia is very harsh.(bright)With just an overhead room light (day-light bulb) and the main photo is the same as the colour as the object -(what you see is what you get). But I will experiment to improve it :) On the background - as it is mounted on a white canvas, it tends to disappear against a white wall (our house is filled with them). So it presents better against a dark surface. I will try it on a different shelf to see how it looks. My husband commented that it would like great mounted in a large,ornate frame which could then go on a lighter wall. I might see if I can find a cheapy one somewhere just for display!
    Sandi - thank you for your lovely comments. In the textile world it's style is classified as an 'art quilt', though I will have a go at changing it's description to what you have suggested to see if it makes a difference. I will also add the tags.

  7. Julie
    I think your little Art Quilt is just so beautifully made - well done! I tend to agree with Karen's comments too. I think it needs more perspective - photographed just a little too close. Perhaps you could put an object next to it such as a pin cushion or threads for an example and put it in a frame temporarily or even show it on a wall. The shiney timber tends to distract from it.
    The colours are really beautiful!
    There are just so many things to consider in this marketing.

  8. Tati - hi. Ive just had time to come back and have a little look at your painting. It's a sweet image. Very suited to a young girls bedroom. Your description is very short and to the point. I would 'wax lyrical' a little here, tell a story about the little girl in the painting. Is this one of your memories? Is it a child you have seen or your 'child within'? Let us know. People like a story to go with pictures. I would also talk a little more about the colours used eg. 'fashionable hues of dusty pink and apples green'. Like Sandi, the background of the initial image appears to be part of the painting. Maybe (like mine) hang it on a wall, show us how it can be displayed.
    Good luck with your shop. :) Julie

  9. Tati what great work! I would change the background because I thought it was a note card at first. Maybe prop it up against a bowl on a table with a lamp, I don't know if you want to frame it but hang it from a wall so you can take a picture at an angle. I found this great seller that has done well with her sales so take a look at how she is listing and you might get some great ideas. I hope this helps. :o) Gina

  10. Julie, what a Beautiful work of art. I love the fact that you explained how you created this. I would like to see how I could use this in my home. Just make sure you list if frame is not included in your listing if you take a picture with it in a frame. I think your tags are good and the price is good too.I hope this helps Happy Selling. ;O)Gina

  11. Karen, I have to say that having two critique is so much fun and a great idea!!! congrats.

    Julie, love your work of art but I agree the light is not showing it right. Please try to take another foto because it deserves to be appreciated! Your description is also very good.

    Tati, I love your avatar! I think you should write more on your item description. And welcome to the world of Etsy!!!

    Gizecraft :0)

  12. (Note: I do a lot of copy editing, so forgive me if I seem blunt and nit-picky!)

    Tati, Very cute piece. I think you've already made a couple of the changes that other people have mentioned. I agree with Julie, I'd like maybe another line or two in the description about where the inspiration for this picture came from.

    There's some phrases you could use in your tags to get some more words in. Have one tag that says "Pink Balloon" instead of doing the two words separately. Your piece will still show up even if people use just one word in the search. Some others I thought of: "acrylic painting" "Kids bedroom," "cute girl," "black hair" "child." Never use just one word if you can combine it with another. :)

    I assume English is your second language, right? I'd split your second sentence into multiple sentences. Here's my suggestion:

    It measures 14 x 22 x 1.3 cm (aprox. 5.5 x 8.6 x 0.5 inches). The sides of this piece are painted white and it is protected with matte varnish. Ready to be hung in your child's bedroom.

    That's just my suggestion. The main thing is that there's too many unrelated thoughts in the second section. The main thing that catches my attention is that it should be "has" instead of "have".

    Julie, This is an awesome piece. I love the detailed close-up pictures, but maybe use one of them to show us the size of the piece. I know the size is in the description, but I think seeing in "context" would help sell it.

    One of my pet peeves, so I have to mention it. The word "then" is used 5 times in the description, and I think you could easily edit out all of them. My personal overused word is "that."

    My only advice for photographing is to take them during a overcast day and fix them in post if needed. I don't know what sort of computer you use, but iPhoto makes it super easy to edit photos quickly.


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