March 23, 2010

Undercoverst's Completed Critique

Undercoverst's  journal "Harold"

She did a fine job listening to all of us!  Here's a new picture that she included in her listing because of our comments.  Sara you did great!

Thank you for allowing us the priviledge of critiquing your lovely shop!

Here is what she wanted to let y'all know:
Thank you everyone so very much for the feed back. I now have to make these changes to all my other journals! But I am excited since I believe that this will not only bring more traffic to my shop, but will help people understand what they are looking at! Thank you again everyone!!!

I changed almost everything that was suggested (now I just need to do the same for all my others)

Things I changed:

-I showed the size by placing it next to a coffee mug. I am going to do this in better light eventually, but I think it does the job (it's the second photo)

-I added Metric measurements

-I moved the part about the way I recycle things to make them into the bullet points as well as adding (*Opens Flat)

-Also the spelling error that jswrites pointed out.

-Then I added "recycled" to my tags

Again..... Thank you, Sarah!  You've helped us all!

Alright.... anyone want to volunteer for the next one??

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  1. Very interesting and helpful for so many others.

    I was referred here by Gizecraft and I was wondering if my etsy could be included here for some much needed critique. I feel I'm making many mistakes but would like them to be pointed out so I can improve on them. My shop is

    Thanks so much.


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