February 24, 2010

Results of the gizecraft critique.

Angela - gizecraft has worked very hard on her shop focusing on our critique comments.  The following is what she accomplished: 
Commment from AuntKarensCreations:
1. Aunt Karen's Creations said...  gizecraft.... ooooh those pictures just POP! Good job! I was looking at your tags, you duplicated a couple of words in tags. Can you come up with alternates for one of your valentine tags and scarf tags? You are missing 2 opportunities to be found through Google with those.

gizecraft replied.... I have made changes on the tags to enable easy search. One example is tag - neckwarmer. Thanks Karen!

2.  Debra said... Debra is ZaneyMay - Nice scarf, I like the description. You could say how soft the material is on your skin or something like that. The first picture, seems a little off, but that could be because the background is removed.

GIZECRAFT: Debra, you are right on that. I appreciated it because I overlooked this important detail. I have put the right description and also took a new photo. It does make a difference. Thanks Debra!

3. jswrites said... A few picky comments:

• For a potential international audience, show the size in metric too

• Spelling: "Reversible" not "Reverseable" (text and tag)

• In Materials, "flannel" could be cotton, wool, acrylic or some other fiber or blend - remember some people have allergies, sensitivities, or preferences for what fiber they want against their skin, so say what it is!

• Care instructions? Hand wash/dry flat? Machine wash in cold water? Throw it in the washer and dryer? Spot clean or dry clean only?

• Do you welcome custom orders? The same style in different colours? A longer or wider version? I know you state that you accept custom in your Policies, but you could make a more active and positive message with the item itself.

gizecraft said:   It took me a while to make the changes but finally it is done. Now, the measurements are in inches/cm.

Thanks for letting me know about the spelling mistake (good writing is very important for readers).

Also mentioned about the material used. You are right on that! Some people do get allergies.

Also made changes regarding the care instructions and custom order! Thanks Jswrites!

And now a word from Angela:  Thank you all for helpful and good advice.  I think I followed each piece of advice you gave.  You all helped me to make my shop better!
Thank you so much!

I really appreciated Auntkarenscreations invitation on being the first to have a critique because it helped me to concentrate on my shop and take good advice from all of you. I am still learning and trying my best to have a good shop. But having a good shop means that I have to provide the best service to my customers.

Karen, thanks for starting this blog, which I believe that will benefit a lot of new sellers like myself.
:0))))) Gizecraft

February 22, 2010

Just a blurb

Today it's just a quick little note to y'all.  I've neglected the critique feature badly .... So In just a few days our first Critique Volunteer will be again featured telling us of the changes she's made and her responses to your thoughtful impressions of her items.

The next volunteer was Carolina of Illuminession.  Get ready young lady give us your neediest listing!

Have a wonderful day all and I will talk with you soon!

February 12, 2010

I need to say thanks to some of you!

My goodness what a whirlwind this past month has been!  I had a nasty cold that kept me away from the computer for a week!  I took a job at a local florist to help out with Valentine's Day floral arranging. (Holding up my poor perforated fingers...)  It was bitter-sweet working at the old shop again..... After more than 50 years in business the flower shop is being closed!  I've worked there off and on for over 30 years!  It always felt like I was home when I worked there so I do feel sad about their closing.

Meanwhile I've also been busy doing custom orders and that leads me to my thanks .....
Scrap Happie AZ thank you for asking me to embroider your new shop's aprons!  I wish you and your daughter all the best in Apricot's Boutique!

She sent me 4 of these in trade for my embroidery.  Scrappie I just love these potholders!

I also need to thank Sweet Dreams by Moosie for her generous offer to model long distance.  By the looks of the pictures she had fun modeling!  Moosie I am not cutting your head off for this one!

Isn't she just the best?  That blouse traveled from Peculiar, Mo all the way up to Wisconsin!  Moosie makes the most awesome quilts at truly reasonable price! 

Thank you all for your patience and support!