November 09, 2010

Hamster Control

 The room is full, chatting people eagerly awaiting their turn for getting the answer to their carefully submitted question.  The lab moderator posts the question.  It appears in large print...your excitement builds because it's finally your turn! 

Your fingers tremble as you type in your shop link so that the room can all go see what you are asking about..... then.... it happens!!!!
GRRRRRRR  you've been booted from the room!  It's YOUR question that is currently being answered and YOU are sitting outside glaring at the dreaded Hamster!

Ooops?? I'll give you OOPS!... you wicked rodent!  He is truly cute but this behavior has GOT to stop!!   What can you do? Well... now you now have a way to vent your frustration and to focus on the culprit instead of a nearby innocent. 

Introducing the Hamster Hammer!

Yes, you now can show that critter just how aggrivating he really is!   With the Hamster Hammer you have the ultimate hamster control!  All you need to do is whap him  into submission!  By the time you rejoin your class you are feeling much calmer and very satisfied!

Just whap your screen and show Mr. Hamster who is boss!  It may take several whaps but the Hamster Hammer is built for extended use.  It's handle is fortified with poly pellets and will not separate from the head.  A gorgeous bow supports the union of the handle and hammer head.  The hammer head gives just the right amount of "bonk-ability" so whap away, my friends!

This shameless promotion has been brought to you by Aunt Karen.  Have a wonderful day!

(You can find the Hamster Hammer at AuntKarensCreations on Etsy.)