June 28, 2010

Looking for 2 victi......Volunteers!

This is just a pretty starfish
I've seen by the poll that I posted that you lovelies want more critiques.  I took a couple of weeks off from offering critiques and now it's time to start again.  Y'all amaze me with your insights and your helpful suggestions in these posts.  I hope that you are learning as much as I am! 

So....since it's time to start the mini critiques again... the only fair way that I can see is... the first two who comment will be using the "hotseat".  Hmmmm I'm going to make it easy on myself here... the next two will get the next critique's spot, and the next two the following critique spot. 

It is summertime so I'm going to say that each set of critiques will be up for 10 days to two weeks.  I know that this slows down the critiques but it's Summer and so many people back off their computer use and I want the volunteers to get as many comments as possible.  When Summer ends I will pick up the pace again.

Ready?    Set?     GO!!!

June 18, 2010

A Scatterbrain's Method of Organizing Etsy Item Listing

My Procedure for Listing an Etsy Item

I love to write down a procedure for various things that seem complicated otherwise. Etsy item posts fall into the complicated category for me. Even just the act of writing down a step-by-step description helps me keep focus on my task. I'd like to share this with you. Maybe it will make listing our items a bit more palatable.

First, of course, I make the item. Then.... I admire it!  I look at it from all sorts of angles and look for small details that I may have overlooked - you know, like loose threads that I forgot to trim.. that sort of thing.

Next... take photos of the item. (NOT my favorite part at all!)  I try to shoot in the correct light, get lots of different angles, figure out what props I need to use. If the item has a coordinating mate, I shoot them together so that I can link them through their descriptions. I've been known to take 125 pictures of just 4 items.

Then.... process and crop the pictures. I use slideshow for all the unprocessed pictures to get an idea of which 5 pictures I plan to use in the store. (I generally pick 6 or 7 so that I have a backup pic "just in case".

When I have my pics selected I create a folder on my desktop (for easy access when actually posting the items) process, crop and then put the chosen pics into that folder. I name the folder whatever the title of the item is.  It's one folder for each item.

Now it's time to describe the item. I use notepad for this. I type up the description as though I was describing it to someone over the phone. (Try describing any shade of any color - geeze!) I go to my favorite metric site to include inches and centimeters in the description. This is a quick and easy task if you use this tool:

I type the Item Title using as many google search words as possible without making the title look rediculous. I make the first two lines of my description as google friendly as I can - again avoiding making it rediculous. Then I get to add all the colorful flattering stuff. I save the document using the item title as the document title. This goes into the photo folder.

I've tried to pre determine the tags on a list just after the description but haven't figured out a way to easily put the tags into etsy without flipping back and forth between the document and the listing page. so... I wing it! If I am waaay off then I just edit the tags. THEN I copy the tags from etsy and paste them to my item description for future use.

It's time to post the item! I pull up the picture/description file and when the time comes I just copy and paste the description to the item description page. When it's time for the photos - they are all right there for you... you don't have to sort through allll those pictures!

Then... I file the folder in my Etsy Folder. Since the folder is titled using the item name it's not hard to find the folder if I need it again. I do kind of organize my items into group folders i.e. Knitting Needle Cases, Hats, Mini Clutches, etc.

Lastly I enter the newly posted item onto my Inventory sheet.

Item complete!

Maybe this will help some of you create your own routine for posting your gorgeous work! If you have any suggestions post them in comments - we all love a good way to do our work!

June 09, 2010

Conclusion of Double Critique #5

It's time to close the critique for ScrapHappieAz and LuvEweKnits.  They both read and appreciated every word y'all put in comments!

ScrapHappieAz (Shirley) wrote me this:

"I took some more photos showing how the potholders fit on the hand as was suggested. Since it was mentioned that some people did not know how they worked I changed a majority of them to have this photo as the first pic. I still want to take some pics using them such as holding a baking pan or casserole as some else suggested. I had so much fun reading all the comments and I continue to strive for better photos. I also like the idea that people want 2 potholders so I will add more sets of two."

She was thrilled with your great suggestions!  Here's the result of YOUR suggestions!

Nice Job!

LuvEweKnits has taken all of your comments into consideration.  Her life got suddenl SUPER busy and she has not been able to focus on her shops.  She's promised to let us know what she's done very soon!  I will just edit this post to include her changes.

It will be a couple of weeks before another critique is posted so if you would like to be profiled please convo me!  Thank you, each one of you, for helping make these posts a success!