November 16, 2009

Wow What a Difference!

Every lab, every critique, every "expert" hounds on us to make our pictures shine!  Lighting has been my bane but finally, finally - I got some decent pictures!  Last Christmas I shocked my husband with the Canon Rebel camera and he has been my photographer for the better shots of my items but they just weren't quite right.

Last week he got a professional photographer's lighting system.  WOW what a difference!  I don't know the technical mumbo jumbo but I do know that it sure made a difference!

I'll let you be the judge:

Before:                                                 Now:

I can't wait to redo ALL my items now!  I was shocked at the difference.  I posted this because if I have any new followers who needed convincing - here is the proof!  Light IS the key!  If you can use natural light but look at your pictures as if they were being published in any posh magazine.  It's not really all that difficult it just takes patience and practice.

Now for the Holiday Mart that I participated in last Saturday.  The story sounds negative but honestly, it is NOT.  I knew that 4 days to prepare was really not enough by any stretch of the imagination but I wanted the experience.  This was a small show, only 40 vendors so if I embarrassed myself at least it was a small portion of this community that I would be embarrassed in.

The event was amazingly busy.  This was held in a small town and in a small building.  It was in a small but elegant bridal reception type place.  There was a nice sized main room which was L shaped and a smaller "back" room.  Fortunately I was in the small room. There was very low traffic in there. But there were at least a thousand people who came to see the holiday mart... that's a LOT considering!

My table reminded me of a nicely arranged garage sale table UGH!  But I had no idea what the venue really was.  I would say that maybe 4 of us vendors were selling handmade items the rest was either commercially made or for various parties such as Home Interior, Gold Sales, Jewelry parties... that sort of thing.  Their booths were set up by professionals.  But I noticed, I noticed how items were layered or tiered and the methods that were used to get different levels on an 8' table.  I learned!

The funny part is that all day long I was just saying to myself "Hey they are cheating!  Those aren't handmade items..... how can a tupperware party be handmade?  It wasn't until I was packing up that it dawned on me........ this wasn't Etsy!  (Picture me smacking my palm to my forehead in the "oh yeah" fashion.)  So next time??? Watch out world because my booth will knock your sox off!!

I didn't sell a thing, nobody signed my guest book but I made some strong contacts and did not feel that my time was wasted.  I plan to go to several other craft fairs and holiday marts and just look at presentations.  When I do my next show I WILL be prepared AND successful!

Until next time..... have  a wonderful!