May 26, 2010

Double Critique # 5

It's time for number Double Critique #5! 

I've selected two sellers who have been open over a year and  who have second shops too.  They frequent the labs and are asking for some tweaking help.  Let's wander around and see just how these two ladies manage 2 stores!  I'm sure they would be happy to answer your questions too.  ScrapHappieAZ and LuvEweKnits have asked for our help!

ScrapHappieAZ makes terriffic aprons and pot holders in her first shop.  (I've got some of her pot holders and they are great!) She'd like a better way to display these :

Her second shop is PeapodRay.  And she and her daughter have a website  named Apricot's Boutique which offers wonderful pampering things for everyone!

LuvEweKnits  creates beautiful knitted afghans, hats and more (I've coveted one of her hats for a long time now!) She would love a new way to display her lovely Strawberry Banana Afghan.  She wants to hear your ideas for showing off this absolutely lovely afghan!

Her second shop is seen more in the labs with her showing up as ReincarKnits a fun ecological minded shop. 
Now comes the fun part!  Let's go look in their shops and give each some wonderful new ideas for these items!

May 21, 2010

Oh... what to do... what to do!

You know what goes through your mind when you drop something that you've been munching on?  It hits the floor and for that fleeting second, you wonder - should I??

Well now there is a decision tree you can use to decide! 

Now you ALL know that you've had to decide in the past... hope this makes that decision easier for the next time!

May 19, 2010

Conclusion to Double Critique # 4

It's time to close out our double critique.  Thanks to each one of you who commented.  Your comments are valued by these sellers and they both send their thanks to each one of you!

EvenAndy - Shelley has added new variations of her sign within the listing pictures. She also updated the description to include words that Google uses for search.  She also moved the links on her welcome page to her profile page.  Shelley, nicely done!

SatinAndBirch was in the midst of changing her shop and had submitted her lovely soaps for critique not remembering that they were going to be completely removed.  She appreciates all the comments we left and is keeping the information in mind for future posts.  Thanks Leslie we all needed the practice! LOL

Thank each one of you for commenting and I do hope that you continue!  It's fun seeing how a different view point wakes us up to what we are doing in/to our own shops.  Stay tuned for future critiques as there WILL be more!

Thank everyone again.

May 15, 2010

Double Critique #4 EvenAndy and SatinandBirch

It's time we got back to the critiques, don't you think?  This time there are two excellent, motivated sellers who would like some new tips.

While we all would rather be walking along a Hawaiian beach we need to get back to.... oh heck let's just walk the beach!  We can look for signs along the way and then take a refreshing shower with sweet smelling soaps!

The first shop in this critique is EvenAndy's Shop.  She would like comments on her newest listing:

I can't help but think of the "Here's Yer Sign" comedian when I go through EvenAndy's shop.  Any suggestions on different presentation for this item?  I'm sure Shelley would love any suggestions from other areas in her shop too if you feel so inclined.

And this is the item that SatinandBirch would like suggestions for:

Leslie tells me that this item doesn't sell as well as her others.  Any suggestions on how she can get these lovely soaps more attention?  Would her description be altered to draw in the buyer?  Different style on the pictures? 

It is so fun having different kinds of items to look at.  Let's go shop peeping and see what we can come up with for these two deserving sellers, shall we?  Tell your friends to come in and help.  The more the merrier!

May 05, 2010

Mother's Day preparations.

I'm not sure how many of you know that my first job and, for the most part, my career was working in flower shops.  I started when I was 15 and always kept going back to the floral industry.  I've been a floral designer for 35 years.

A pleasant past time!
One shop would always invite me back.  It was the very first shop that I worked in. Russell Florist in Shawnee was where I literally grew up!  Even when I was living far away from home, when I came back to visit - this shop would have me working with them.  I love this shop and will continue going back as long as they ask for me! 

So... what am I up to this week?  .... Well take a look!  I've been creating these gorgeous flower arrangements by the dozen!

I call working at the flower shop "poking posies" because we all spend hours and hours standing at our stations poking the flowers into the vases. 

Roses?... well they are beautiful for sure but their thorns eventually create perforated fingers!  It's worth every thorn prick because the roses are just SO beautiful! 

My favorites, though, are the mixed spring flower arrangements - these always say "Ooooooh it's Spring!"

So... this is what I will be doing the rest of this week, creating lovelies for the mom's who are lucky enough to receive a bouquet of fresh springtime!
Happy Mother's Day!

The Chalk It Up arrangement is  available through a TeleFlora florist.
These are available everywhere across the USA