May 21, 2010

Oh... what to do... what to do!

You know what goes through your mind when you drop something that you've been munching on?  It hits the floor and for that fleeting second, you wonder - should I??

Well now there is a decision tree you can use to decide! 

Now you ALL know that you've had to decide in the past... hope this makes that decision easier for the next time!


  1. Just eat it! You only live once!

  2. Karen,

    You are simply the best!
    I cant stop laughing...I think everyone had some sort of experience...well some people say just wash it and eat it! LOL....hahhaha

  3. This was terrific. I usually eat it, or wash it off and then eat it ... unless in public ... then pretty much not. :-)

  4. depends what it lands on id say :) funny post thanks you really cheered me up!! xxx


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