May 26, 2010

Double Critique # 5

It's time for number Double Critique #5! 

I've selected two sellers who have been open over a year and  who have second shops too.  They frequent the labs and are asking for some tweaking help.  Let's wander around and see just how these two ladies manage 2 stores!  I'm sure they would be happy to answer your questions too.  ScrapHappieAZ and LuvEweKnits have asked for our help!

ScrapHappieAZ makes terriffic aprons and pot holders in her first shop.  (I've got some of her pot holders and they are great!) She'd like a better way to display these :

Her second shop is PeapodRay.  And she and her daughter have a website  named Apricot's Boutique which offers wonderful pampering things for everyone!

LuvEweKnits  creates beautiful knitted afghans, hats and more (I've coveted one of her hats for a long time now!) She would love a new way to display her lovely Strawberry Banana Afghan.  She wants to hear your ideas for showing off this absolutely lovely afghan!

Her second shop is seen more in the labs with her showing up as ReincarKnits a fun ecological minded shop. 
Now comes the fun part!  Let's go look in their shops and give each some wonderful new ideas for these items!


  1. ScrapHappieAZ, you have nice clear photos of bright and colourful items. Your detailed descriptions give buyers almost all the information they need to make a purchase decision - maybe add the dimensions in inches and centimeters too?

    However, when I look at this potholder picture alone, or in Gallery view in your shop, I can't tell how it's supposed to be used. Until I clicked the Section for potholders and saw it alongside your mocha latte photo ( ) the how-to-use wasn't clear without clicking on the item. In fact I saw that long ecru triangle as a design element, not part of the function.

    Although I could tell once I got to the description that the prop was a cookie jar, the picture itself didn't really communicate that scale.

    So, after all that, I think a hand, as in the mocha latte featured photo, is your best display! It might be fun for an alternate picture to show all the potholder designs together on side-by-side hooks or suspended from clothespins, to illustrate the many patterns available.

  2. ScrapHappieAZ I think if you took a picture of you using the pot holder just your hand up close holding a pot or even the lid to a pot would be great. Oooo even a better idea you holding a casserole dish with 2 potholders so they will get the picture of their usefulness and that two are better than one!

  3. LuvEweKnits I really like the 4th picture at your first picture then the 3rd as the second picture. your detail is just beautiful! I hope it sells soon!

  4. Scrappie - You know that I love your potholders :-) Maybe you could make all of your potholders cohesive in their pictures. Maybe use the same type shot on each item. Yet another suggestion for your pics - why not hold an apple in one of your shots? (That would mess up the cohesiveness huh? LOL) On a number of your items (and the apple potholder) you have "fogged up" the pics. Can you keep the clarity like your first photo?

    LuvEwe - I love that you used a stuffed bunny in one of your pics but maybe you could use a darker colored critter? And... ahem!... only 4 pics??? I'm telling on you!! Is that afghan hand knit or one of your machine knit patterns? If you are also selling that pattern you need to mention that in this description and link to it.

  5. ScrapHappieAZ - What a wonderful design... I've never seen anything like it! And perhaps this is part of the problem! I think most people hear the word "potholder" immediately envision 'square.' Your photos are beautifully lit, clear, crisp and close-up. I think it might be helpful to take some shots further away with a pair of pot holders being used for their designed purpose... i.e., lifting a cookie sheet or casserole. You could cheat the grip so that almost the entire surface of the potholder was visible in the photo.

    I can't imagine buying one... don't these always come in pairs? Could you make each listing "2 available" so that your customers don't have to find another listing to buy the second one? Yes, I realize that would double your listing fees, but it might also double your sales. The fact that they're singles might be stopping someone from making a purchase.

    I have to agree that all 5 photos need to be used. If you were showing them all as pairs, you could show the other side of the potholders in one of the pictures.

  6. LuvEweKnits - I've got the identical problem! It's been said in the labs over and over again that photographing blankets and quilts has got to be the hardest thing to do! One of the suggestions is to show it folded, but I'm not necessarily a fan of that, since much of the detail is lost in that view.

    Since it's car-seat/stroller size, could you photograph it in/on one of those items? You could probably pick up a simple stroller from a thrift store for not too much money to use as a prop.

    It's a beautiful afghan knit from a classic pattern and I love the colors! I'm watching these comments with you!

  7. ScrapHappieAZ, I find your items so beautiful and love the photos.
    LuvEweKnits, the afghan knit is really beautiful.
    Both of your shops are lovely and I like to see items on people and environment.
    Good luck!

  8. LuvEweKnits, I would retake your photo to feature your blanket more and not the entire chair seat. It feels like you're trying to sell the chair not the blanket. Also, maybe lighten the pic?

  9. ScrapHappieAZ, Can't offer any criticisms but I LOVE your fiesta apron!

    LuvEweKnits, I agree the afghan should be shown close up. Just cropping might do the job because I do like the contrast of the dark rocker.
    You both have great shops. Continued good luck to you!


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