May 15, 2010

Double Critique #4 EvenAndy and SatinandBirch

It's time we got back to the critiques, don't you think?  This time there are two excellent, motivated sellers who would like some new tips.

While we all would rather be walking along a Hawaiian beach we need to get back to.... oh heck let's just walk the beach!  We can look for signs along the way and then take a refreshing shower with sweet smelling soaps!

The first shop in this critique is EvenAndy's Shop.  She would like comments on her newest listing:

I can't help but think of the "Here's Yer Sign" comedian when I go through EvenAndy's shop.  Any suggestions on different presentation for this item?  I'm sure Shelley would love any suggestions from other areas in her shop too if you feel so inclined.

And this is the item that SatinandBirch would like suggestions for:

Leslie tells me that this item doesn't sell as well as her others.  Any suggestions on how she can get these lovely soaps more attention?  Would her description be altered to draw in the buyer?  Different style on the pictures? 

It is so fun having different kinds of items to look at.  Let's go shop peeping and see what we can come up with for these two deserving sellers, shall we?  Tell your friends to come in and help.  The more the merrier!


  1. Hi! I would like to comment on SatinandBirch's listing. It may help if the pictures for this listing were brighter. It looks like the lighting for the pictures wasn't bright enough.

  2. SatinandBirch, love your soap. I thought they were vintage flowers at first. Wow, very impressive.

  3. EvenAndy, boy yours is a hard one to suggest for! Is there a way for you to take a pic that gives some frame of reference to it's size? Maybe you could display one in a different color? Your color chart is great! Maybe you should go ahead and show the sign with no frame. - I told you it was a hard one! LOL

    SatinandBirch, Your welcome page... you do realize that with both those links you posted that you are inviting the viewer to leave? Maybe put the acknowledgement url on your profile page and the Etsy help url in a few item descriptions AND on your profile page. Those soaps look terriffic to me, just the way you have them. Be sure to check your item description for google friendliness. :-)

  4. I love the comments, I do agree, the photo is not very strong and Im going to do them over I also agree that the url's need to move to the profile page. Your such great people to take the time to comment and I appreciate it so much. And a big High five to Aunt Karen.

  5. Dear Eve & Andy,
    I love your shop, I wish I could think of something that needs to be tweeked even a little but I can't, keep up the great work.

  6. Thank you so much for the critiques:) I really appreciate your help.

    Karen- I think this is great that you do critiques on your blog.

  7. Hi everyon!

    Nice shops!!!

    Evenandy, I love the items but it looks very big. Maybe, you could take the foto in a smaller size or at angles too.

    Leslie, the soaps are so beautiful. Good work. I prefer the foto with them inside the box. Maybe you could place some soaps around the box and take a nice foto. That would look nice.

  8. EvenAndy, I would suggest using all 5 photo slots. Take pictures of the print from different angles, in and out of the frame. You have another listing with a print on a window sill, how about doing the same or similar for this item?

    SatinandBirch, I clicked the link and got an "ut oh" perhaps you're already working on fixing the listing? Based on the photo I see here, I would suggest trying to photograph your soaps in natural lighting, try different layouts, move the soaps around, perhaps the soaps to the front & label to the back, take pictures from different angles and simple props to show scale. Brightness/contrast, exposure of the photo could be tweaked a bit.

  9. Eve'nAndy, Looks like you're doing everything right but I wondered whether the 8 x 10 size was for the print or the outside of the mat? And I agree a variety of photos helps, maybe suggests where one might hang an item. You're doing a great job!
    SatinandBirch, Also could not bring up the item. Looking at your others though, doubt if I could offer any criticism. Love the Cafe Rose Collection and your gorgeous banner! Looks like you've done your homework!


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