May 05, 2010

Mother's Day preparations.

I'm not sure how many of you know that my first job and, for the most part, my career was working in flower shops.  I started when I was 15 and always kept going back to the floral industry.  I've been a floral designer for 35 years.

A pleasant past time!
One shop would always invite me back.  It was the very first shop that I worked in. Russell Florist in Shawnee was where I literally grew up!  Even when I was living far away from home, when I came back to visit - this shop would have me working with them.  I love this shop and will continue going back as long as they ask for me! 

So... what am I up to this week?  .... Well take a look!  I've been creating these gorgeous flower arrangements by the dozen!

I call working at the flower shop "poking posies" because we all spend hours and hours standing at our stations poking the flowers into the vases. 

Roses?... well they are beautiful for sure but their thorns eventually create perforated fingers!  It's worth every thorn prick because the roses are just SO beautiful! 

My favorites, though, are the mixed spring flower arrangements - these always say "Ooooooh it's Spring!"

So... this is what I will be doing the rest of this week, creating lovelies for the mom's who are lucky enough to receive a bouquet of fresh springtime!
Happy Mother's Day!

The Chalk It Up arrangement is  available through a TeleFlora florist.
These are available everywhere across the USA


  1. Hey Karen :0)))

    I just love reading your blog! Nothing is better than to be surrounded by roses! Love the spring flowers!


  2. Beautiful arrangements! I love pretty flowers! I missed you in lab the end of last week. Hope to see you next week:)

  3. There's just no end to your talents!


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