May 19, 2010

Conclusion to Double Critique # 4

It's time to close out our double critique.  Thanks to each one of you who commented.  Your comments are valued by these sellers and they both send their thanks to each one of you!

EvenAndy - Shelley has added new variations of her sign within the listing pictures. She also updated the description to include words that Google uses for search.  She also moved the links on her welcome page to her profile page.  Shelley, nicely done!

SatinAndBirch was in the midst of changing her shop and had submitted her lovely soaps for critique not remembering that they were going to be completely removed.  She appreciates all the comments we left and is keeping the information in mind for future posts.  Thanks Leslie we all needed the practice! LOL

Thank each one of you for commenting and I do hope that you continue!  It's fun seeing how a different view point wakes us up to what we are doing in/to our own shops.  Stay tuned for future critiques as there WILL be more!

Thank everyone again.


  1. Thank you so much for the critique! I really appreciate all of your advice to help better my items. I have started adding things that you suggested, but I still have more that needs to be done. Thanks so much for helping me to look at my items in a different way! You gave great feedback that I will definitely incorporate in some of my other listings.

  2. You worked hard on that sign. Seems to me that it will be worth it. Keep up the good work, lady! :-)


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