April 30, 2010

The Results of Double Critique # 3

A lot of hard work went into these critiques and it looks like everyone will benefit from the efforts. It's time to conlcude the critiques of BananaMiranda and iKnitQuiltSew's items. Thank you for your participation - you have opened your shops to help others learn too.

     Before                                                                   After

Sandi eloquently explains her changes in her Teddy Bear listing:

"To everyone who took the time to consider the listing for my teddy bear - THANK YOU! None of us ever have enough time and I truly appreciate your investment in me.

A common thread in all the comments was pictures. Though the pictures I had were taken in natural light, I realize they needed to be improved. Plus, positioning was also an issue as well as giving some perspective. All five pictures are new, and include a couple of perspective things... My quilter's ruler in one and a smaller bear in another (thanks SnapdragonLace for that idea!). I'm particularly fond of both bears waving goodbye in the last photo!

Michelle noted that the the shipping seemed high, and I agree. Sadly, the bear is 1/2 of one ounce OVER one pound. To try and offset the shipping-price-shock, I've noted in the description that the shipping weight is two pounds.

Michelle also asked 'what's this bear good for?' Perhaps the most valuable thing learned from this experience is that I need to remember that I KNOW, but visitors to my shop do not! And they're not their to ask, either! The first paragraph of the description is now a testament to what this bear can do for you!

All of my tags have been reworked. With the changes to the tags and the description, someone looking for a teddy bear that can be loved, snuggled, played with and then be passed down should be able to find this bear.

And finally, I am so very flattered that I was asked if the price was too LOW. The real answer is "probably." But I can live with minimum wage in a bad economy.
Again, my heartfelt thanks. It's so nice to know that people will still go out of their way to help a complete stranger!"

Thank you for sharing your shop with us!

The next two sellers will be announced soon!  Meanwhile Happy Tweeking everyone!


  1. Thank you, Sandi! I'm glad you learned from others and it looks like that darling bear will have a home soon!

  2. And thank you for the opportunity! Fingers are crossed... I'm thinking that my bears, in fact all of my things, might do better in person. We will see at the arts and crafts show at the end of June!


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