April 20, 2010

Conclusion to Double Critique #2


Well this was a success!  You all were just terriffic with your comments.  ArtJewelry & Yarnabees busily worked on their items improving them and I"m betting the tinkering will just do the trick for both of them!  Way to go ladies!

                                       ArtJewelry's Results

    ArtJewelry Before:                                        ArtJewelry After:
It was suggested that she use a model for her display ... what a difference!
Patsy listened to all of the critique items and now has 5 photos of the necklace, changed the tags, improved the description and corrected the typo. (You didn't say one word about my typo of your shop name, Patsy lol! ---too late, I done already corrected that!) 

Here's what Patsy had to say... "
I just finished applying the suggested 'fixes'. All 5 photo slots are filled. I photographed the necklace on a mannequin which was a great idea. (I have 3 gorgeous daughters who could be models but they're always on the run.) Tati didn't like the tag - cubic zirconia - and after considering it, I don't either. So it's gone. I corrected a typo Thumbly pointed out and added color to the tags. Also added a sentence about what inspired the pendant. (Thanks to you.) iKnitQuiltSew suggested I change the title to be search friendly. This was more difficult than I thought but I think it's better.

This is a great learning experience! I'll apply everyone's ideas to my other items as soon as I start moving them. (My photos are still a tad dark but I'll work on that.) "

Patsy... Nice job!

                                         Yarnabee's Results

                 Yarnabees Before:                         

It was suggested that Gina lighten her background and make sure she had all 5 photos showing. She changed her description to include a little bio of Country Bunny and it was believed that her price on bunny was too low. She's in the process of taking pictures (yet again!) for some reason she won't go out into the rain to take pics... go figure! lol Gina, your effort is obvious nice going!          Yarnabees After:
We all applaud both of you for your efforts! The results are great and you will not have those items much longer.

Go check out their improvements and have a wonderful day!

The next two shops who have offered items for critique are Bananamiranda and iKnitQuiltSew.

It's looking like spring finally so let's go outside and enjoy it!


  1. And spring brings new beginnings!

    I really appreciate the input from so many Etsy comrads. Even a seasoned seller can benefit from other eyes and minds and this ‘newbie’ feels especially lucky to have run into Karen in a Virtual Lab one afternoon. After receiving a negative (verging on rude) comment in a forum, I reached out to Karen who was gracious and willing to help. When she suggested I offer an item for critique I knew it would be like taking an exam – only better. Everything I’ve learned from you all in the last week will stay with me.

    Thank you Karen and thanks to all you Etsy sellers who took time from your own busy schedules to give me advice!

    Your suggestions will be put to use in my new shop OxOriginalArtJewelry any day now.

  2. Patsy, it was a pleasure! Thank you for participating!You've opened your shop under a new name...can I have that please to put in the links here on the blog?

  3. Veeeeeery cool! Very, very, very cool!
    This Feature Critique is awesome! It really help us to improve our shops! Thanks to girls tips, I am having a lot of work in my new shop... And looking to Patsy and Gina's changes, now I am totally sure that it's the best idea ever! Many times I asked for critiques on Etsy Forums and Virtual Labs, and nobody gave me concrete thoughts... They always say that everything is doing good, but in my mind I knew something was wrong with my items.
    Thanks Karen, for this amazing idea. More bloggers should do the same! What do you think, folks? Hmmm... Maybe an special blog, only for critiques?

    About the tag "cubic zirconia"... I love it! Sounds like a new planet or something... lol
    I just don't think it's good for a tag... XD

    Oh, Karen, just would like to let you know that I changed my site. It's now www.tatimaia.com (but the old url redirects to this new blog :D). My shop is coming soon. I got a Flu last week, and had to stop a little. But now I'm back to work.


  4. Hi!

    I really enjoy this critique! Wow, love the changes. It does make a big difference.
    Good luck

  5. Good Morning!

    I agree Tati. Karen had a great idea featuring critiques on her blog.

    This is the url to my new site. Not much there yet but it's a beginning.



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