April 12, 2010

Double Feature Critique #2

Today we are featuring items from ArtJewelry and Yarnabees.  Each has submitted what they consider to be their "Help Me!" items.

Patsy - artjewelry has been an Etsy buyer since 2007 and has finally taken the plunge to become a seller.  She opened her shop (itself) only recently and has truly beautiful jewelry!  She would love feedback on her Ancient Motif in Bronze Pendant.

Let's give this "Seasoned" Newbie a great start shall we?  Actually, we can learn from her as she's been on the other side of the road as a buyer, so she uses the eye of a buyer when she's creating and posting her beautiful work.  She'd like your input on her photos and let's check out her descriptions too.  She had been wondering about opening a new account since her start up date reads from 3 years ago but decided to keep her regular account name.  Check out her banner it's a great combination of her "old" and "new" membership.  Patsy?  Step up to the hotseat!

And now... it's an item from Yarnabees shop - Gina has asked for help on an item that has had lots of views but still hasn't sold.  Let's look at the photos and description and see what we can suggest.

This is her Country Bunny and he/she? needs some tinkering. So let's hop to it, shall we?  Gina......I made a special hotseat just for you, ducky!  Come have a seat... this won't hurt a bit.

So my friends let's do what we do so well!  Let's give these ladies a great critique and get them up and running.  Tell your friends to come comment too!

Ok now go peek!

The results of ArtJewelry and Yarnabee's Item Critiques will be posted Monday, April 19....If you have any suggestions the time to do it is now!



  1. Yarnabee,
    I love the Country Bunny and get the feeling he is really looking out at me! The price is very reasonable, verging on 'cheap' in my opinion.
    Your other photos seem to have child-like colors in them and I wonder if a pink or yellow background might make this bunny more happy. Also, I don't see the words toy, children or stuffed animal in the tags. I think those are words I'd search for if looking for a child's gift.
    Love your little animals and I will definitely keep them in mind next time I need a gift for a small child or baby.
    Good luck!

  2. Hello everyone! Here are my thoughts: @Patsy, I think you just should use the last image of the 3 as your main image, because the third one makes me look at the entire pendant, while this one is cropped. And maybe you should give your photos more light. I think there's a typo in your tags "classic motic", but I'm italian and I'm not sure (maybe I don't know the world). @Yarnabees: as Patsy said, I think you should include "Toy" and "Children" in your tags, or "baby". Maybe you could use a actual carrot near the rabbit for the shot, or make a picture outside, on the grass. This could give a fresher and cuter feeling to them. Good like to you! I've to improve and re-make my photos too... and my descriptions! And definetely I've to put more items in my shop... but this is another story :)

  3. Yarnabees,

    I can't for the life of me figure out why your dear bunny hasn't been snatched up yet!

    I agree with the above critique that he seems very inexpensive for being so carefully and wonderfully hand-crafted.

    The only thing I can think of is that in different pictures he looks like he's different colors. I think it's a trick of the lighting. It looks like maybe you needed flash for some of your pics. It's hard to tell if your bunny is more of a brown or a reddish brown, so try to use the same lighting for all your shots.

    You know I love your shop!!

  4. Hi Aunt Karen, I have a blog now :), I read your post that is a very neat necklace . I wish her luck in opening her new store.

    talk to you soon.. :)

  5. Yarnabees... the picture of your bunnie's tail is the best color. If you could get your other pictures to match the colorization that would be a big help. LOL this might sound funny but it might get you more views... why not put the bunny tail pic as your first one? It certainly would make ME click to see more!

    How about a little "tale" about Country Bunny? "He's fresh from the farm and loves carrots!" that kind of thing. You have such a wonderful personality give your critters some of that!

    ArtJewelry...As mentioned before you need to use all 5 of your picture slots :-) You most likely can lighten the backgrounds on the 3 (ahem!) you already have then they will just POP! For the other two, try taking them on a model? Maybe use some of that gorgeous Colorado nature as a prop? Not too much prop but a little something. In your description ... why did you create this? Let the buyer know why you decided on the style make them fall in love with it too. For a brand new etsy seller you are very observant and you are headed up the right road!

  6. @artjewelry: I think you are doing great. I like the description, tells me everything I want to know about this piece (not a lot of blablabla, telling the story of Queen Madelaine who gave this necklace to her lover, that became a dragon because of the Evil Witch living in the Everest… XD).
    The pictures are good, but there's too much shadow… And should be cool a photo of a woman or mannequin wearing this necklace.
    I'm wondering if someone would use the Etsy search box looking for "cubic zirconia". So, you could make a little change in the tags, using words that someone who is looking for jewelry would type.

    @yarnabees: I LOVE your work! Specially the duck which looks like one of my characters, called Qua-Quack Duck. :P
    But, about the Bunny… He's sooo cute! I like that you show all his angles, but the pics are a little dark (Don't worry, I have this same problem, even having a lot of sun light).
    Description… Good. But I think you should separate the sentences in paragraphs or list. I see all this text together and I feel lazy to read them.

    Anyway… that's my critique. I hope I'm helping.


  7. Wow! I just saw Patsy's comment and just realize that... Yarnabees' bunny is very cheap! o_O

    I don't know about the prices of crochet stuff... and I'm not so good about measurement... But I believe that 8 inches is about 20 centimeters, right?

    So, Gina, don't feel shy about charging what your work really deserves.

    As I said, I don't know about how much is a crocheted bunny... Maybe I am exaggerating... but, I would give it $50.

  8. Good morning, Patsy! What a wonderful and unique piece! I agree with everyone else on your photos; the shadows need to go and you need to use all five. I believe that your title needs to be changed. Search engines would never find this beautiful necklace from your title.

    Your description covers all of the details, but reads an awful lot like a Sears catalog. Could you cover the details in a more conversational style?

    The colors in this necklace might be excellent tags... perhaps someone is looking for a piece to go with their blue outfit, etc.

    This piece looks substantial. What does it weigh?

    To me, the price looks appropriate to the piece.

    Thanks for sharing, Patsy, and good luck to you!

  9. Good Morning, Gina:

    What a great bunny! I'm wondering what color he is, too... or do you have two different bunnies (one gray and one brown). I think your title needs more to it so that search engines can find your bunny - 'crochet' and 'plush' would be great words to include in the title, IMHO.

    You need to take the references to Easter out of your tags/description.

    I'm torn about the price. Eight inches tall is kind of small, so $25 might be okay. What did the yarn cost you? Subtract that amount from $25. Divide this figure by how much time you spent crocheting/finishing your bunny. The answer is how much you're making an hour... are you happy with that figure?

    I didn't spot a label on the bunny anywhere. If you're considering this item for children under 12, it needs to be labeled with the manufacturer's name, date of production, place of production to be in compliance with CPSIA standards.

    All in all, I have to agree with everyone else... why someone hasn't adopted this bunny yet, I have no idea!

  10. Hi everyone,

    Wow, both shops have beautiful items.
    Patsy, I think you could post fotos of someone wearing the neceklace. That would make a big difference. And I love your avatar, it is simple and elegant! I also agree that you being a buyer in the beginning is great because you know what people are looking for. Good luck!

    Gina, I love love your cute bunny! Have you thought of changing the background color. Maybe take a foto of a child holding the bunny. Moms would love that! And do increase the price..you deserve it! Good luck!

  11. Hi all
    Patsy. I agree with all the above. The price is right and I'm liking your photos. I would like to see the pendant being worn by a model, this gives a better indication of size, and maybe lightening up the background a little to make it pop.I like to read stories, tell me about the motif, what is it
    about? What inspired you about this design?

    Yarnabee - love your bunny. Like Karen, I would like to see a little 'story' in the description. Tell me why I want him. Maybe you could add a photo of him in the garden or in the Easter basket with Easter eggs (there might still be some about, if they haven't all been eaten!)

  12. Okay everyone I took your advice and made some changes drum roll please.......... The new Country Bunny listing http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42299721

  13. Fine Aunt Karen I have to wait till it stops raining here in Texas to get better lighting:o/ LOL

  14. Aunt Karen this is a great blog. Nice Work!

    @ArtJewelry I think your shop announcement is great, seems like you could charge more for shipping (don't want to lose money there), some of the pictures have lots of shadows in the background you may need a different angle to your light source. I noticed in some of your other listings you didn't use all the pictures, that is a must. Great Shop!!

    @Yarnabees Maybe I am too new but I thought your shop and listing was fantastic! I think you are priced fairly and I love that you introduced your critters like they are people! Maybe you need to market your shop more. Tell everyone who will listen about your shop. Do you have a facebook? If so attach an Etsy tab! Keep up the great work!!

  15. Patsy...lemme tell you, I am in love with this necklace! Perhaps a wider shot of the piece as your main image would draw in potential buyers. I personally like photo 4. Your description is very informative, maybe you could break it up a little so it is easier to read...there is a ton of info there and I think putting space between your bullet points would keep it from being overwhelming to a reader.

    Yarnabees...Of course your bunny is adorable. I expect nothing less! I can think of 2 possible reasons he hasn't sold yet. First, I agree with what several people have said, he needs a background, or a prop to bring in some brighter color (like a carrot or grass). It would make the photos more interesting. The only other reason I can think that your bunny hasn't sold is that you have a variety of extremely adorable creatures in your shop, so they may overshadow bunny. It might not be that no one wants to buy him, they just might wanna buy something else from your shop more (just a thought).

  16. Very nice, yarnabees! I'm glad to see you upped the price a bit!!!

  17. Thanks everyone for your great tips. I made some changes and I hope I will make the time use your ideas on my other items. Aunt Karen this was really fun and I am glad your started this.
    Thanks again,


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