February 12, 2010

I need to say thanks to some of you!

My goodness what a whirlwind this past month has been!  I had a nasty cold that kept me away from the computer for a week!  I took a job at a local florist to help out with Valentine's Day floral arranging. (Holding up my poor perforated fingers...)  It was bitter-sweet working at the old shop again..... After more than 50 years in business the flower shop is being closed!  I've worked there off and on for over 30 years!  It always felt like I was home when I worked there so I do feel sad about their closing.

Meanwhile I've also been busy doing custom orders and that leads me to my thanks .....
Scrap Happie AZ thank you for asking me to embroider your new shop's aprons!  I wish you and your daughter all the best in Apricot's Boutique!

She sent me 4 of these in trade for my embroidery.  Scrappie I just love these potholders!

I also need to thank Sweet Dreams by Moosie for her generous offer to model long distance.  By the looks of the pictures she had fun modeling!  Moosie I am not cutting your head off for this one!

Isn't she just the best?  That blouse traveled from Peculiar, Mo all the way up to Wisconsin!  Moosie makes the most awesome quilts at truly reasonable price! 

Thank you all for your patience and support! 


  1. It's nice to see what you've been up to :) I hope you are feeling better from your cold too!

  2. Karen, You deserve all the "THANK YOU'S" for all the assistance you give for all of the Etsy members who need guidance. Don't know how you find the hours in your day to do all that you do.....but THANK YOU. I appreciate the Post on your Blog...and......you should have lopped that head off!! Hugs and love to you, Mavis

  3. Thank you, Karen!! you did an amazing job on the embroidery on the aprons. Please visit www.ApricotsBoutique.com for my daughter's new online store. Shirley

  4. Karen,

    I love it! You are amazing.

    Chat with you soon ok.




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