January 24, 2010

The Hot Seat has been activated!

Thank you all who have agreed to participate in this critique endeavor!  It only took a "pretty please with cherries on top", but Gizecraft has offered to be the first to offer up an item for general critique.  (She could have held out for the whipped cream too but she took my first offer.)

Her beautiful patchwork offerings fill her shop.  She asked that we look at her "Patchwork Scarf - Romance" listing.  It is the beautiful scarf in the picture above.  Just click on her name above and you will magically appear in her shop..... all the way to Portugal!

Gizecraft would like critique on this item's photography and item description.  Let's help her get this beauty sold!  Remember, honesty delivered in a caring manner and if you have a suggestion please offer that too.  She has lovely items and deserves to gain the knowledge and ability to sell and sell well!

Let's go shop peeping!



  1. gizecraft.... ooooh those pictures just POP! Good job! I was looking at your tags, you duplicated a couple of words in tags. Can you come up with alternates for one of your valentine tags and scarf tags? You are missing 2 opportunities to be found through Google with those.

    You are adding to your listings way to go!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I would love to know your opinion.

    Can you give me some suggestions.


  3. Nice scarf, I like the description. You could say how soft the material is on your skin or something like that. The first picture, seems a little off, but that could be because the background is removed.

  4. A few picky comments:
    • For a potential international audience, show the size in metric too
    • Spelling: "Reversible" not "Reverseable" (text and tag)
    • In Materials, "flannel" could be cotton, wool, acrylic or some other fiber or blend - remember some people have allergies, sensitivities, or preferences for what fiber they want against their skin, so say what it is!
    • Care instructions? Hand wash/dry flat? Machine wash in cold water? Throw it in the washer and dryer? Spot clean or dry clean only?
    • Do you welcome custom orders? The same style in different colours? A longer or wider version? I know you state that you accept custom in your Policies, but you could make a more active and positive message with the item itself.

  5. Jswrites,

    I really appreciated your comments. Thanks for being so detail and helpful. You are really good at critics!!!



Your opinion is welcomed but please remember to be respectful :-)