January 17, 2010

Let's Play a Critique Game!

Meet Felix and Oscar  They are dependent upon one another.  Felix is a Pistol Shrimp who is blind.  He builds tunnels under the sand and rocks in a reef.  Oscar is called a Shrimp Goby.  Oscar keeps watch while Felix creates new tunnel work for Oscar to live in.  When outside the tunnel Felix always  touches Oscar with his feeler.  If Oscar senses danger he wriggles and then both he and Felix scoot quickly back into the safety of the tunnel.  Oscar protects Felix and Felix keeps Oscar's home for him.  A Commensurate Relationship.

We are a community on Etsy, we all depend upon one another for so many things.    Like Felix and Oscar we, too, have a commensurate relationship....

I have an idea.  We are all interested in critiqes... be they our own shop, or someone else's.  I am always mentally critiquing every new shop that I enter these days. How about having a critique game where once a month we critique an item or portion of someone's shop via comments here in this blog?  Every month on the 17th there will be a new item or portion of someone's shop to critique.  This is not a competition, the only prize is new knowledge.  But we can have fun with it too. 

The shop involved will be asked if the critique is agreeable with them.  We can get the nominee from any etsy shop.  We can nominate someone or even ourselves, we can critique one of our favorite items from "Favorites" or one of our troubling listings from our own shop.  I will convo or email the "star" to get their permission and to alert them of the critique.  This isn't to embarrass anyone but to make them aware that their _______ is being looked at for accolades or for helpful information.

Be innovative in your critique, show humor, show your imagination, be constructive,  most of all show consideration.... remember YOU could be on the hotseat yourself!  I will select one of my own items a bit further into the game but for now how about a suggestion from you?

Who is in??  We will have a weekto select the "Star" and two weeks to critique. If the shop owner is interested they will be given convo or email updates on the comments posted. The last week we will check back on the item/shop and congratulate the Shop Owner and give them the opportunity to comment on the critique.  Fair enough?

 Convo me on Etsy or comment me here with your suggestions on this little game, or to volunteer an item or something specific about your shop.  Let me know what you think about this little game.  We can have fun while we learn!

Ready?  Set?  GO!!!


  1. I think it's a great idea! Count me in!

  2. Karen, count me in too! Lets get started!
    :0)Love your ideas.

  3. I missed you yesterday at the VLab! Are you ok? I just wanted to say you that my blog is almost-ready and I wrote my first post: a recipe for the *real* italian pizza :)

    Consider it as a gift for you!

    Have a nice weekend,


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