March 20, 2010

So Spring has Sprung.....

This has been a very long season.  We all have been ready for Spring for a few months now.  Well it's here!  Today is the first day of spring!  I thought you might enjoy seeing what we, here in Peculiar woke up to this fine Spring day.

Do you think that the Easter Bunny will mind?


  1. Karen,

    Spread around some easter eggs..colorful ones and the Easter Bunny will not mind!!!


    Gizecraft :0)

  2. The drifts were so deep that cars couldn't get down the street! The highway (rural) was closed about 1/4 mile past us. Hubby went out and helped a neighbor plow the deep drifts which had stranded 4 cars! Yesterday it started melting and by the end of today... it'll be gone!

  3. I'm sorry ... the first day of Spring arrived with blue skies and fair weather. Temps in the upper 60's. For Maine you can't get better than that ... until August!

  4. To me this image is surreal. We don't get snow here, so to me it looks like a wonderland. I'm sure the reality is not that much fun! :) Easter bunnies love wonderlands by the way.


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