March 27, 2010

Stepping it up a bit.

It seems that there are many of you who would like items critiqued.  I had set the schedule for these critiques for one a month but it seems that that is far too long.... so...

Meet our newest family member... Karla the Koran angelfish she's just a baby!  We are stepping up our reef tank as we are stepping up our critiques in this blog.

How is this blog "Stepping Up"?  I am now opening the critiques to twice a month AND doing one item from two different sellers!  How does that sound?

Now, I need TWO shops to volunteer for the next critique.  What will now be the new scenario is:  Two shops will have one item - each - up for critique, they will be introduced on Wednesday ..... when the critique has been closed (2 weeks later) then the next shops will be introduced and their items displayed for critique.  Week 1 is for posting comments to critique the shop/item.  Week 2 will be for the shop owner to complete whatever they need to work on. 

I do ask that those being critiqued please convo me with what they want to have shown and  when selected, please convo me with what you have done.  I will post those particulars and after the repair work is displayed to please come back and comment themselves with thank yous etc. 

Get your Etsy friends to come critique too!  You do not have to be a follower to add to the help!  Just so you know....I will only put items up from followers and those first selected will be from the followers who comment on the items that are being critiqued.  Does that seem fair?  :o)  Oh.... I am putting links to the volunteer shops in my link list as a thank you for your participation.

Who are the 2 brave shops to volunteer to be next?

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  1. Sensenarts - Julie and Tatimaia - Tati have both been put up for the next critique! See you Wednesday everyone!


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