March 12, 2010

A new word to consider.

There once was a crafter who'd knit,
Who'd crochet, and who'd whittle a bit.
Her supplies filled a nation.
With stuff for creation.
Til she cried for a decrapitation!
author: jswrites

The Laughing Lady is not AK :-)

After a "bad day at the office" I needed at least a smile.  After figuring out why my embroidery machine kept telling me a thread was broken (nope it wasn't broken... ever), battling with the water company over a bill that was too low (I finally had to call a plumber to look for the non-existant leak the water company claimed we had. But he was nice and charged me $40 instead of his regular $120 house call.) and various other little pains in the neck, I needed some humor! 

I can always find something to laugh at or someone to laugh with in chats...  then I remembered the day we were just hanging out in the Virtual Lab Classroom waiting for lab to start and the "Etsy Lab Dictionary" we toyed with just for fun.

We were talking about cleaning up our descriptions and our photos.  I saw the word "crap" flashing up my screen as a word to describe what to get rid of in our shops.  We all have heard that we need to "Crop the crap" out of our shop photos and for some odd reason my silly twin's mind just took over.  I was sipping on a cold cup of coffee - decafeinated - and my fingers took over the keyboard!

Decrapitated the word hung in the room for a minute.... I could see minds  whirring taking in the information.  Everyone thought how appropriate the word was for what we were all trying to do. There were lol's streaming up the chat lane!  So......

Decrapitate:  To remove the crap from your Etsy site. 
Decrapitation:  The act of removing the crap from your Etsy site.
Decrapitated:  Having already removed the crap from your Etsy site. 

It kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Does anyone else have a home made word that we can use?  Post it in comments give us all a good laugh!  After all on Etsy it's all about hand made and home made. Put on your thinking caps and let's hear your  home made word!


  1. The word "Decrapitation" seems really similar to "Decrepito" in italian, "decrepit". It makes me think about renovation, Spring and making a clean sweep of all that crap :)

  2. Hey Karen :0)

    Now you got me laughing and thinking..hmmmm


  3. How clever! I know I've heard other good ones, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment :( They are on the tip of my tongue... I'll come back and post them should the words finally decide to come out of my mouth.

  4. Oh how funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!


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