March 10, 2010

Conclusion to Illuminession's Critique

It's time to conclude the critique for Illuminession's critique of her Golden Gate Bridge item.  The above picture is just one of her improvements!  She's worked hard on the helpful comments that you left and is happy to share her results! 

Carolina replied:

I've updated the following things on my listings (there are a couple product situations that didn't allow yet for an image with a frame):

A second picture of the photograph in a frame with matting, and a note in the description that the frame is not included. I'll also be working on having a third image of the photo in a frame sitting on a desk or piano setting for each product listing.

I increased the description tags on all my images to using either all 14 or the most I could think of at that moment. (I've made notes on which images to keep thinking about more tags for.)

I added shipping to everywhere outside of the U.S.A. I hadn't done it before because I kept spacing off calling the post office for a general price quote, so thanks for the reminder. Now I'm international!

She's also rewritten her Introduction page to include more about herself.  And, she's working on changing her prices.  Well done Carolina! 

Let's go to her shop and see what we helped her to do!

Have a great day everyone.


  1. Carolina - you worked hard on this and it shows! You did a great job. Thank you for participating. Come back often to see how others fare in this feature.

    I love the framing on the picture it truly makes it pop!

  2. It was a great experience to be hosted for this and have people provide really helpful and honest tips for me to implement.

    Thank you for the critiquing and helping me improve my shop! I really appreciate it :)


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