July 13, 2010

Results from the critiques of LauriesCustomCreate and MyLittleGirlsCloset

These two ladies really paid attention to the critique comments! The comments left for these two items were very helpful and honest. It looks like everyone was spot-on! Nice job everyone!

Laurie will be re-shooting all of her nature based backgrounds to blur the background and pull her earrings forward in her pics.  She improved these earrings by shooting them on a textured white background.  She reworded her description and she includeded "earrings" in her item title. She also fixed her link to and from her matching items.

Nice job, Laurie!

Kathy has temporarily shifted her pictures around to better show the gingham in her photo. She's been a victim of weather and hasn't been able to re-shoot her items.

She has rewritten her description to include the washing instructions and is in the process of doing the same for all of her clothing listed.

Kathy you had a few roadblocks but you've improved this dress listing very nicely!

Thank you to everyone! It is you who volunteer and who comment that make this feature successful! And I thank those of you who have voted in my Poll (on the sidebar) Your telling me what you would like to see more of makes it easier for me to give you what you want!
Next week... Critique # 8!


  1. Thank you so much for the critique! It was VERY helpful for me! I never thought to include washing instructions but now I feel so silly for not having thought of it before!
    Between the weather and the toddler I haven't been able to reshoot yet, but keep your eyes peeled for photos of her in the dress!

  2. Laurie: Your earings really stand out, I can see the detail!

    Kathy: I really like the close up picture of the dress you can see the pattern.


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