July 05, 2010

Double Critique # 6

Let the fun begin!  We have two terriffic shops looking for a critique on one of their items. Laurie from LauriesCustomCreate and Kathy from MyLittleGirlsCloset.  We've seen them appearing in the Virtual Labs and they each have an item that they would love help with. 

I selected the items from each shop.  Let's see how you would improve these wonderful selections.  Go to each store and check out the item's title, the item description and the tags too.  Leave your critique in the comment section of this post.

Laurie's Ruby and Hematite Crystal Dangle Earrings
Look at the item title, description and tags as well as the picture.

Kathy's Pink Gingham Floral Shirred Dress Size 18M -3T
Again, look at the item's description and tags as well as the picture.

You can click on each picture and be directed to the item's shop.  If you have further comments about any other thing in the shop don't be afraid to comment on that too!   Remember to be thoughtful in your words but don't be afraid to state your suggestions!

At the end of this week (Saturday) I will have each seller adjust their items to reflect what they feel needs changes.  Be sure you check back and comment on the listings' new look! 

There is still room for one more volunteer on the previous post.   If you want your shop looked at be sure to comment!..... you don't have to beg!

Alright.... let's go peeking!


  1. LauriesCC, Very pretty earrings, great colors! I think they would show up much better on a lighter and less busy background. The earrings are intricate and the garden background competes with them. Liked your neutral backgrounds on other photos. You have a good eye for color - let it show!

    Kathy, Your darling garden dress blends into the background. Your white background works for the bright colored frocks but what about using a garden background on this little dress? I really prefer the shots when you were able to use a live model. The lemonade dress is just so cute on that little girl! Also, if I needed a child's dress I'd want to know more than 'gingham', cotton? poly? blend?
    Good luck! Your items are very sweet!

  2. Laurie - I agree that you would benefit from a simpler background. There are some photos however where the focus is completely on your earrings and the background is very blurred. If you could achieve this effect with all your photos, I think that would be a great option as well. An example is the second photo of this listing: http://www.etsy.com/listing/50840882 I also think you need to utilize all your photo slots - add an "artistic shot" and a model shot if you can.

    Kathy - I wonder if the brightness got bumped up just too much with this photo because it does blend in and get washed out with the background. For something different to look at, I might consider saying that this dress can be made in different lengths. While the top may be able to stretch to fit that range of sizes - no one wants a dress that's going to be twice as long as the child. Great idea to mention that straps can be added.

  3. Laurie: there have already been comments on your pics so I will look at your descriptions and tags :-P
    Ready?.... WOW you did a great job! It makes me want them and I don't even have pierced ears (anymore)! You even linked to a matching item too. Somebody's been paying attention in class! Ahhhh but you didn't link that bracelet back to the necklace. You need to do that. What you did do.. is you linked the bracelet back to itself! (very interesting! LOL)

    Kathy: Your pics have also been commented on but I'd like to suggest that you take your pics of the dress in front of the beautiful green wall that you used on another of your items...that would look really nice!

    You said in your description that you prewashed the fabric but neglected to give any washing instruction :-(
    You can put washable as a tag too :-)

    Both of your works are truly nice and look like they are of great quality! MORE MORE !!!!

  4. Laurie: These are really nice earrings! But the first thing I noticed was that the word "earrings" isn't in the title and doesn't appear until almost the end of the first paragraph of the description! I agree with all the the photo comments already made, but would like to add one thing... One of the pictures needs to be the coordinating items together so that the shopper can get the whole effect in one shot!

    Kathy: How darling is this!! But I agree... it's lost in the light-colored surroundings. I love the picture of a similar dress on the child... can we have THIS dress on a child, too? I also need washing instructions and fabric content! I didn't see a specific overall length measurement in inches/centimeters which I think would be helpful.

  5. Laurie: I do agree that the background is a little busy a solid background will really show you earrings. Your work is great.

    Kathy: The white wash background does wash out the dress and if I had a little girl I would want to know the length of the dress.

  6. Laurie: Yes, I do think that the background is too busy. It seems that the earings are blury so the camera is focusing on the background not you beautiful earings. If you choose a very simple background your earings will shine!

    Kathy: Although the door was a unique idea. The pale color of the dress against the light color of the door washes away the dress. Have a little model wearing the dress in front of the door. This way the dress would pop not wash away. Also measurements and washing instructions would be great.

  7. Kathy and Laurie: I may be late with my comments but here goes.

    Laurie I like your earrings and that you changed to the plain background I think is a good choice. I would try to lighten them up a bit still.

    Kathy: Your dress does blend into the background a bit. Have you tried using a photo editing software like Picnik to brighten the contrast a bit. I recently tried it and it has helped my pics "pop" more. Also I noticed you refer to another shop that has nothing in it. Maybe wait to add this link until you have something in your other shop.


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