July 27, 2010

Conclusion of Double Critique #8

This is one critique that is concluding with fantastic results!

What a difference!  MaineLadyBug has taken your comments to heart and truly made her changes count!

This is what she had to say about her critique experience:
Hello All ~

I have updated my listing and posted it. I appreciate all your wonderfully helpful comments.

I took more pictures using a white background. I took several that show the ladybug charm in detail. I am working on making sure I have all 5 pictures slots filled with each of my listings. I don't have someone at the moment to model my jewelry, although that is a good point.

I updated the description of the bracelet and used all 14 tags. :-) I raised the price a bit. I'm still struggling with pricing across the board.

jswrites: I appreciate your proof reading! I corrected my errors. :-) As to the "gold" question. I have struggled with that. I do use good quality gold plated chain and findings. I'm not trying to be deceptive, but I feel that if I use plated in the title or the initial description buyers won't even look. I would like them to view the pieces and then decide on whether they would like quality fashion jewelry or real gold jewelry. I also feel that most people realize how much real gold and gold filled jewelry costs. The price of gold is over $1,000 per ounce. I always say exactly what type of materials I use in the materials section. I hope this answers your question. I appreciate your feelings on this topic.

As I reread all the comments most everyone suggests using a live model. I will definitely try to find someone that is willing to wear my creations and pose for pictures.

Thank you, thank you everyone! This has been a great experience. Thank you Karen for hosting this blog and for setting up the critiques. Thank you also for working on my avatar. Take a look at the one I have up now. I found her on the beach the other day. :-)

Happy Day! Happy Creating!

Gini, thank you!  It is so inspiring to see how hard a shop owner works to keep the store fresh and new!  Love the newe avatar, too!

Thank you - all who have viewed and all who have commented.  It's you who keep this feature going!

Oh...as a side note... I've installed a measurement converter on the sideber for all of you to use when you need to change to/from metric and inches.  Just a little gift from me to you!


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