July 21, 2010

Double Critique #8 MaineLadyBug and JadedHopeChest

Today we have two shop owners that won the comment quick contest.  I selected the items from both shops.  They are older listings that have had more than a few views but have not sold.  Let's help them sell their wares!  Don't forget to check out their descriptions and tags.

MaineLadyBug-  beautiful bracelet!
MaineLadyBug joined Etsy in July of 2008.

She lives in beautiful Maine near the shore.  It looks like the shore is her inspiration for this bracelet!

JadedHopeChest -  what a fun critter!
JadedHopeChest joined Etsy last March

Two sisters run this shop and upcycle odds and ends to create imaginative wonders!

Now we get to do the fun stuff - Shop Peeking!  Let's give these ladies our best, shall we?


  1. Hi Karen!

    For both sellers, my tips are improving the photos and descriptions.

    Well, MaineLadyBug... it's just about the pics. Show more angles, or someone wearing the bracelet.

    But JadedHopeChest, in my opinion, must to really work better in this item, explaining more what's that, the measurement, etc.

    I hope I'm helping... XD


  2. MaineLadyBug, cool shop with dandy photos and tags, and shipping all over!
    • In your Shop Title, fix the spelling "Jewelery" to match "jewelry" in your text.
    • Lose the extra "other" in the first sentence of the Shop Announcement.
    • I like the idea of the July Picks section - maybe say what they are? Something like July Picks - Red Jewelry, August Picks - Back to School (or whatever)
    • Is it okay to say a metal is gold when it's gold plated?
    • Your prices seem very low; imho they could be higher across the board, and the shop could include some more expensive show-stopper items to flaunt your design and technical abilities.

    JadedHopeChest, your Shop Title and Shop Announcement could be working much harder for you. More info here: http://help.etsy.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/247/
    • With less than a page of items, you'd be fine with far fewer Sections since everything's visible on the first page.
    • Add your State to Lake Jackson in Location - helps with Shop Local and Geolocator.
    • I can't tell what some of the items are from their photos in Gallery view, and it could help shoppers to be able to read what the item is before its name. For example, "Tango - Red Sequined Wristlet" is cut off at "Sequin..." and might be clearer as "Sequined Wristlet" especially since it's obviously red.

  3. MaineLadyBug - Each of the 5 photo slots is an opportunity to lure your buyer in. Use all of them! You definitely should show it on a model. If you're stumped at other shots look at other sellers who sell similar stuff. Don't copy them, but use what you learn to improve your own photos. If you're really stumped, include a photo of the packaging.
    Put yourself into your description like "I made this using..." You also mention in the description a silver ladybug charm. I don't see it, can you show a close up of that?
    Also Etsy allows 14 tags. Each one is an opportunity for a buyer to find your work. Try including key words about the style.

    JadedHopeChest - I don't really know what it is by looking at it or reading the description. Your tags are great though! Google doesn't pick up the etsy tags so it's important to use those words in your description too. (Particularly within the first 50 words) I think that telling more of a story in your description would work to your advantage. After you get your keywords in there maybe tell a bit about "who" this character is. I'd also recommend looking at successful sellers in your category and learning from them.

  4. yes use differnt angles up close shots would be nice. Use all 14 tags very important for people to find your shop. Discriptions should have more detail.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I will be working over the weekend to photography my bracelet again and to update the listing. Yes, sometimes I can't think of enough descriptive words to use to fill all 14 tag spots.
    Please keep the comments coming I really appreciate everyone taking a look and helping me out.

    Happy Day! Happy Creating!

  6. Great...two new critiques!
    Hey Karen :0)))

    MaineLadyBug - Your items are really pretty! I love to see wearable items on people. You get to show how it looks like. Love the stone you used for the bracelet...why not have the background different say white.

    JadedHopeChest - It is really nice how you make your items. It is like recreating art! I appreciate this type of work. Your item seems to be very big. Maybe try taking foto at a different angle so that we can see the actual size.

    Good work guys! Good Luck!

  7. Hello All ~

    I have updated my listing and posted it. I appreciate all your wonderfully helpful comments.

    I took more pictures using a white background. I took several that show the ladybug charm in detail. I am working on making sure I have all 5 pictures slots filled with each of my listings. I don't have someone at the moment to model my jewelry, although that is a good point.

    I updated the description of the bracelet and used all 14 tags. :-) I raised the price a bit. I'm still struggling with pricing across the board.

    jswrites: I appreciate your proof reading! I corrected my errors. :-) As to the "gold" question. I have struggled with that. I do use good quality gold plated chain and findings. I'm not trying to be deceptive, but I feel that if I use plated in the title or the initial description buyers won't even look. I would like them to view the pieces and then decide on whether they would like quality fashion jewelry or real gold jewelry. I also feel that most people realize how much real gold and gold filled jewelry costs. The price of gold is over $1,000 per ounce. I always say exactly what type of materials I use in the materials section. I hope this answers your question. I appreciate your feelings on this topic.

    As I reread all the comments most everyone suggests using a live model. I will definitely try to find someone that is willing to wear my creations and pose for pictures.

    Thank you, thank you everyone! This has been a great experience. Thank you Karen for hosting this blog and for setting up the critiques. Thank you also for working on my avatar. Take a look at the one I have up now. I found her on the beach the other day. :-)

    Happy Day! Happy Creating!

  8. Thank you so much for your comments, my sister and I very much appreciate them. We unfortunately haven't been able to make any changes due crazy, chaotic circumstances, but we will try to make some improvements this week. Thank you!


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