March 10, 2011

Getting To Know Etsy.... Again!

Amazing Changes

There have been many many changes on our Etsy these past few weeks.  So many that it's been a challenge to run our shops (at least for some of us).  I plan to do a series of posts trying to explain the new ways to maintain our beloved shops.  The changes are improvements but change comes hard to many people. 

I need help from you.  What is blocking you?  Where do you have the most problems figuring out how to fix your store?  You are welcome to leave a comment suggesting a topic for future posts... please DO!  What can't you find?  Where do you get lost?  Let us know and we can get all this new stuff figured out!  Please let me know in comments on this post!

You all know that I don't just link you to another article and leave it at that, I lose my concentration when it happens to me so I won't do that to you.  I will probably post screen shots to clarify what you should look for.  If any of you would like to guest write I am open to that for sure!

Shall we begin figuring out the changes?  As I get suggestions I will post the response as quickly as I can.  I will use the above maze photo and put the subject of what we are working on as the picture title.  Hopefully this will save confusion in future postings.

Let the coments begin!


  1. some things have moved might be helpful to have a little cheat sheet of where to find commonly used features! :)I was trying to update my profile recently and had a brain blip trying to find it!


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