September 26, 2010

Conclusion to Giggle's and AuntKaren's Critiques

Gosh I didn't realize just how much work went into following the advice on the blog critiques!  I tip my hat to all of those before me who listened to and heeded the suggestions they were given.

 Giggles was asked to reword some of her description, select better tags and to add a picture of her brooch being worn.  She did a very nice job! 

  AuntKaren (me) had comments suggesting that the colors on the 5 pictures weren't truly the same as one another, to try to show a view that gave size perception, and to reword some of the description and materials.

We both thank each of you who left great critique comments!  It seems that the work on/in our shops is, indeed, continuous! 

For my part I want to thank all of you for your honest observations and for the suggestions on how to change this listing.  One day when I find a good model you can bet that I won't let them get away! 

Until the next time... Have a wonderful week!


  1. thank you all for the great suggestions, I never would of thought of some of them myself I do really appreciate it

  2. Love it you both did a great job!!


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