December 22, 2009

Merriest Christmas!

Less than a week and Christmas will be here.  With all the last minute hustle and bustle don't forget to stop and just enjoy your surroundings.  I love to just sit and watch the shoppers in the mall.  You see such a wide range of emotion on the faces of fellow shoppers.

My favorite this year was the elderly couple slowly walking along the mall. They must have been in their 90's but were 30 in their hearts.  He carried the packages, such a gentleman, and she ooohed and ahhhed every storefront with childlike glee.  Her eyes just sparkled as she viewed each Christmas display.  She actually clapped her hands together at one window, her husband smiled in happiness to see her glee.

It makes you truly feel the spirit of Christmas when you watch them, the wonder of it all, the happiness and the love that shows with everymovement as they slowly wander along their way holding hands, of course.  They are so tender with one another, the kind of tenderness that obviously was shared for at least 60 years.  The part that brought me to tears was when he secretly guided his beautiful bride to stand just underneath the mistletoe.  He was a stealthy old guy!  He gently led her from window to window, casting a glance up to keep her on track to HIS destination.  When he finally got her standing perfectly beneath the mistletoe, he gently took her face in his hand and gave her such a loving, tender kiss!  Then with his eyes glittering he pointed up and laughed at the surprised gasp she gave and he kissed her again!

I am sure that their Christmas will be well celebrated and remembered because their obvious love for one another was so genuine!  It is worth taking the time to just watch.... you will see the magic of Christmas!

Merry Christmas my friends!


  1. :0) you really have a beautiful way with them..please continue!
    Merry Christmas!
    Big hugs

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! That was a beautiful post! Thank you for your nice comment about my art. :)


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